Brand – New predictions for
the “Xs”

The pandemic has presented brands with numerous obstacles. Many businesses were forced to use, update, and adapt current technologies at a faster rate than we’ve ever been before. Below are some “brand” new predictions mainly focusing on Customer Experience that Shep Hyken (Customer Service and Experience expert) has suggested on Forbes that businesses to take an eye on to be prepared and stay ahead when the pandemic is still impacting customers’ life and their experience.

High standard for the “Xs”

Customers are having higher standards of what a great customer experience should be due to what they’ve experienced with companies like Amazon, Target, Walmart and other iconic brands that tend to get great customer experience either online or offline.
However, a wonderful customer journey doesn’t depends just on CX. There are different types of “Xs” that we once mentioned in this article, you can read through to find out basic knowledge of each component – BX, CX, CS, UX, UI and how each supports other elements to create a whole positive experience for customers.

Self-service is on the go

41% of American consumers who require assistance now choose to use a digital self-service solution over traditional phone support in terms of convenience and speed responses. This number is predicted will rise; especially as forward-thinking businesses give more user-friendly, intuitive digital assistance using technology as Conversational AI.

Personalization vs. Privacy

People talking about personalization in recent years and it is not a new term but customers are expecting more that if they contribute information that helps a company improve the connection and customer data to deploy personalization strategy, the company will not breach their right to privacy. It is a commitment that has not been explicitly stated. Once brands violated, they would have data of a person who might no longer their customer.

Who you are is a part of the “Xs”

Customers are increasingly expecting brands to stand for something important and meaningful in their community, if not the entire world. Purchasing from and supporting brands that stand for something makes customers feel good, and it becomes part of the customer’s experience. This is especially crucial for the younger Gen-Z and Millennial generations, who are quickly becoming the largest and most influential audience groups, and who recognize that a brand’s “impact” plays a role in their decision to do business with one brand over another. Understand your brand with consistent strategies strongly show who the brand truly is will make it be considered “authentic” in the community. In order to succeed , businesses need to know who they are and it all comes down to a simple concept that is based on humanism, science and psychological evidence – which called Brand Archetypes.
Tips: This Brand Archetypes Quiz[MOU5] may help you find out easily your brand’s personality.

Not just Customer Experience, but Employee Experience also

The Great Resignation has taught us a lesson: Employees understood there might be a better way of living and they changed perspectives about life priorities. The tendency, on the other hand, had little influence on how organizations cared about their employees, both in terms of how they were paid and how they were treated.
It is predicted that many people who “resigned” will realize that having a job is preferable to not having one, but it must be “Mr./Ms. Right”. Employees will return, but they will insist on being treated fairly..


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