The Magician


Always curious and tries to understand the laws of the universe is one of the special characteristics that make up the Magician Archetype. Better future foresight, we want to make our dreams come true. We desire to create transformative and magical moments when customers use our products or services. Reality is something like a ruler that prevents us from reaching extraordinary things. However, high expectations and always thinking out of the box can be a burden to us to stay committed to single minded brand vision.

The Magician

The “zodiac” sign to recognize a “Magician”:

  • Promise: If you can dream it, you can achieve it.
  • Core desire: understand the laws of the universe
  • Goal: make dreams a reality
  • Fear: Unanticipated negative consequences
  • Strategy: giving customers a novel experience — a magical moment when trying products/service
  • Gift: Curiosity
  • Motivation: Mastery
  • Categories that tend to have the ruler at the foundation: pharmaceuticals, beauty or dermatological products and services, life coaching, technology or apps that boost productivity
  • Example brand have “the Magician archetype”: Walt Disney, Coca Cola, Dyson

How to bring the Magician brand to life

The name says it all, Magician brands are brought to life by magical and mysterious experiences when people use our products or services. From obsessing with the inconvenient truth to the desire to bring the transformative moments, the way Magicians come to us truly changes the way the world operates. From the beauty care industry with many anti-aging products to technologies with productivity control apps, life becomes easier and more convenient with Magician appearance.

Breaking the limitation, the Magician archetype is not only remembered by the portrait of possibility but also the promise brand offers – like non-stop transformation. From product innovation to customer loyalty programs, Magician brands stimulate a sense of FOMO in consumers’ minds and the desire to be a part of the “magical moments”. The Magician consumer is motivated both by the desire for personal transformation and to be a change agent in the world around them.

Which kinds of consumers match with the Magician brands?

Lead the transformation, the Magician personality attracts customers who prefer products that can make them grow wiser and more influential. Like a solution is not yet mentioned, as well as products not yet re-launched. Magicians create a zoom that is full of ideas where everything resonates and excluses to drive one and only effective solution. Communicating in an expansive, eloquent, and stirring way to make customers feel captivated and think “That’s what I want to experience” is the key to success.

What is a Brand archetype?

Brand personality or a set of human characteristics is a part of brand equity, go along with brand image, consistently appear on brand’s communication and advertising activities. As such, a brand personality is something to which the consumer can relate. And building a strong brand archetype has a pivotal role in imprinting brand image in the consumer’s mind.

For example, humans are continually motivated by heroes. Heroes reflect the courage that each of us possesses. Nike, a brand that symbolizes the hero archetype, inspires us to be the strongest, bravest versions of ourselves. Nike shoe styles may and will evolve throughout time. Heroes, on the other hand, will always make people feel inspired and motivated, regardless of the year.

Why brand should own an archetype

In fact, most famous brands we know in the world like Nike, Starbuck, Volvo, Apple have developed and owned for themselves at least one archetype since brands were borned.

But owning an archetype is usually seen as a superfluous activity and underestimated by many SMEs business owners who take their first steps on the brand building process. No one tells them the true potential of embracing an archetype in terms of competitive advantage and attracting the right customers.

Archetype helps brands stand out

Do you want to know how to stand out in a crowded market? A powerful archetype might be the solution. Archetypes motivate you to go deep into your brand’s history and discover the why behind all you do. The people, locations, and ideas that influenced the beginnings of your company are absolutely unique to your brand. This is especially crucial to remember if your business and another company in your sector have the same archetype.

Archetype makes up the color of brand experience

Archetypes set the tone for consumer interactions and relationships. A brand with a caretaker archetype, for example, will radiate a helpful, pleasant, and supporting demeanor. After establishing these traits, a consumer will build expectations for the next brand experience. Hopefully, the brand lives up to the hype. When this occurs, a consumer comes to trust you and your products. A loyal client base is built on repeated, consistent encounters.

Archetype helps to attract right customer

The value of archetypes lies in their ability to be individually adapted to the requirements and desires of your audience. In other words, archetypes are used by businesses to create a link between a customer’s demand and your offering. This enables people to realize how your product may help you achieve your personal objectives, in a deeper way, more authentic interactions with customers.

Obtaining an archetype with a clear set of characteristics, tone of voice, the way brands appear on each media platform will help the brand stand out in the crowd where everyone is trying to walk in the fog without any self-brand understanding.

SOURCE:  Explore – Brand archetypes: The Magician


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